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unfortunate events book 4
by Liminy Snicket A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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We started reading this series from the beginning. Ever book is so captivating and tragic, such a wonderful set of books.

Olivia and the Missing Toy
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Like the suspense in it.

Chis Sweet Home Set
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About 150 minutes for all the books

Little Panda
by Piers Harper

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He made lots of new friends and said funny things. I liked the soft pages.

The First To Know
by Abigail Johnson

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Dana loves softball and her family, so after hearing from her friend Nick about the positive results he got from DNA Detective, she decides to test her family to see if she can find any extended family members for her dad, who grew up in the foster system. When the results finally come in, she is shocked to discover that she has a half-brother-- despite the seemingly affectionate and long-loving relationship between her parents. Dana is hurt (and that's putting it lightly) be her dad and is forced to shoulder this secret on her own. But she can't leave it be, she has to learn more about this half-brother, and she does-- by "hanging out" with his cousin-who-is-as-close-as-a-brother, Chase. Who will she hurt first when the truth is forced to come out? Will her relationship with Chase survive? Will her parents' relationship survive? Will she ever be able to have a relationship with her half-brother? Will her sister ever come around? Dana has a lot of questions thanks to a piece of paper that was supposed to be good news. I was interested to see the DNA-testing plot device as the 23 and Me and kits have become so popular. Johnson does a great job of heightening emotions as Dana deals with what she views as her dad's infidelity to her mom and their family. In the end though, Dana is a teenager with hormone-heightened emotions that get the better of her. This is a well-established Harlequin Teen Romance.

by Keezy Young

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[SPOILERS] Taproot is a graphic novel of a ghost who loves a human named Hamal. Hamal is unique in that he can see Blue and other ghosts. It's not until their "lives" are at stake from the Reaper until Hamal and Blue admit they have feelings for each other. When Blue willingly sacrifices himself for the better good, the Reaper breaks his own rules and allows Blue to come back as a human. In return, Hamal, who can still see ghosts, fulfills some of the Reaper's responsibilities because it turns out this particular Reaper is kinda lazy. One of their jobs ends up saving their friend Chloe, whose house was haunted by a giant beetle, who had been a little girl before she died of an unnamed disease. I actually really liked the illustrations in Taproot. And I liked the premise of the story, however the writing and plot structure were awful. It very clearly needed to be two different volumes (even if they were still published as one book): I.) How Blue becomes a human again and II.) Blue and Hamal: Amateur Necromancers. Instead, both "stories" are poorly developed and not clear. Neither gets the attention they need to fully flesh out the uniqueness of the idea. Mayhaps my unfamiliarity with illustration is holding me back from grasping the story at its full, but I left turned the last page with more questions than answers, which is always frustrating when you read a book.

Outlaw Pete
by Bruce Springsteen

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I was excited to read a book by Bruce Springsteen, but I did not feel like the story was appropriate for children at all. It was quite violent and scary. Definitely not a good bedtime story.

Big Nate Books

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Lmno Peas Book
by Keith baker

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My favorite part is when the peas were trying to play with the letters on every page.

by ???????

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