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Traffic a book of opposites
by Betsy & giulio maestro

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I like it because it had opposites & it was silly.

High Voltage Danger Lab
by Steve Hockensmith

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Taproot Keezy Young
by Keezy Young

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Beautiful story and art I'm so glad that keezy unlike most authors is willing to write a book about queer characters And blue is best boy

Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance
by Robert Pirsig

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Very philosophical.

by L. J. Tracosas

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My son loves this book!

by Repeat entry

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Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution
by Bernie Sanders

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This nonfiction books is perfect for high school and college-aged readers who want to learn more about the state of our nation in regards to a livable wage (ch. 1), tax reform (ch. 2), Wall Street and the impact of big business on the economy (ch. 3), health care (ch. 4), higher education and its cost (ch. 5), climate change (ch. 6), the criminal justice system --with an emphasis on the industrialized prison complex (ch. 7), and immigration reform (ch. 8). Sanders breaks down his proposed ideas on all of these topics and backs up his reasons with logic, statistic, and testimonies of the everyday people. The infographics and the fact that the book is just over 200 pages makes the wealth of information more palatable, as do the glossaries on economic terms and types of governments. In all, I agree with 90% of Sanders's propositions, but what I like most is that he seems to be the only one calling out how the government isn't "for the people" anymore, but is in the pockets of Big Business, and that that is the state of our "for the people and by the people" country is appalling and unacceptable.

M is for Mouse
by Nancy Hall

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Good pictures

Coyote Moon
by Maria Gianferrari

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I like it even though the girl got sad that the coyote ate the turkey but the coyote pups still got to eat.

The Year Of Billy Miller
by Kevin Henkes

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chapter 6
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